Monday, October 03, 2005


Harriet Miers

As everyone now knows, Harriet Miers has been nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Also, today marks Chief Justice Roberts' first official day on the job.

What sort of woman is Harriet Miers? She isn't a judge, but she definitely comes fully loaded with qualifications. She is the current head of Texas' State Bar. Something that will cause liberals everywhere to lose sleep, however, is the fact that Miers lobbied against abortion:

As president of the Texas State Bar in 1993, Harriet Miers urged the national American Bar Association to put the abortion issue to a referendum of the group's full membership. She questioned at the time whether the ABA should "be trying to speak for the entire legal community" on an issue that she said "has brought on tremendous divisiveness" within the ABA. from this link.

Libs can apparently draw courage (can't you just hear Dan Rather mournfully mouthing that word?) from the fact that in the 1980s, Miers donated to the Democratic Party:

Picking through the background of newly minted Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, there are some political activities that may irritate the president's conservative base -- she donated campaign cash to a handful of Democrats, including Al Gore.

In her defense, the donations date back to the 1980s. For example, Miers gave $1,000 to Gore, then a senator from Tennessee, during his 1988 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to Political Moneyline -- the best site on the Web to track money and politics.

During that same cycle, Miers donated $1,000 each to Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Tex.) and the Democratic National Committee.

Of course, I found that at Chris Cillizza's blog, which touts that tonmorrow's entries will include "another blow to Republicans," so I am quoting from a left-biased source, but still, the fact remains that Miers did indeed make those donations. Of course, over a 20-year period, anyone can change their minds and switch party affiliation. Anyone can be cured of liberalism, and hopefully, judging by her stance on abortion, Harriet Miers has indeed been cured.

For those interested, some of the choicer comments left on the above-cited blog (with my comments in parentheses after--and the original comments are unedited by me):

It seems as if Bush really blew it. He totally undercut the last group that was hanging with him - his base. (He totally undercut his base? Wow! Really? Why hasn't that made the news?)

I am so glad that you are writing The Fix. A talented journalist like yourself is a treasure to the pack journalists that roam this town. (Talented journalist? I found no talent whatsoever in the sparse paragraphs that this "treasure" jotted down in his blog.)

I just can't figure Bush out, he seems to think for himself every once in a while and it throws us all threw a loop. (Aww, sweetie, I'll just bet it does, because you're all so convinced Bush is a moron, and it really confuses you when you have to admit he can actually think for himself. Maybe we can provide barf-bags for that loopy ride you're on.)

just like when W selected Roberts, The far right and far left didnt approve. So maybe W is the guenus in disguise. (Well, we certainly know who isn't a genius in disguise...)

My concern isn't that Miers never was a judge or that she's been plucked from the dark Republican cave of Bush's Whitehouse but rather that she's SIXTY and has never been married. Perhaps it's her Halloween-style make-up or that her face is more wrinkled than a Texan raisen, or perhaps it's somethign else. Maybe she's looking to date Souter? Or, more likely, with the way Bush's second term is going, Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Most Jewish women experiment with lesbianism at some point in their lives. Usually it's sophmore year after a bowl of Humbolt. But never say never and Ginsburg is kind of hot. I'm sure we'll learn more during the hearings... (I'm not even certain this one was meant seriously. I certainly hope it wasn't...Regardless, it reveals something about the sort of people who commented on the "talented journalism" of the "treasure" writing the blog.)

Go ahead and fight abortion for yourself and in your family and in your church, but leave the rest of our society the hell alone. I don't believe that an undifferentiated mass of protoplasm at 3 or 6 months is any more a "baby" than a puppy fetus, a kitty fetus, or a hamster fetus. While I would treasure it myself and do everything possible to protect and sustain it, I cannot and would not force my will on anybody else. (So a woman who is 6 months pregnant is not carrying a baby, but is carrying an "undifferentiated mass of protoplasm?" There is so much wrong with this bizarre statement that I don't know where to start, so I'll just leave it as its own commentary, and end my post.)


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