Saturday, March 19, 2005


First victims

This is from, linked in my sidebar on the left:

A Matter of Life
The first victims of the Holocaust were not Jews, but the physically and mentally disabled. It seems that the Nazis developed their tactics and honed their murderous skills on those who were least able to resist before trying to exterminate all the European Jews, according to the BBC.

Good point. Very good point. And yet Ward Churchill gets paychecks while ranting that it's actually the right who are the Nazis, the "little Eichmanns." Seems to me that if anyone in the past week has shown how very like Eichmann they are--remember, Eichmann was the man who stood in front of crowds of prisoners and willy-nilly decided who was to live and who was to die--then it's Judge Greer of Florida.

Last night, Hugh Hewitt made an interesting statement that applies to this case. He said we should all vote every single judge out of office come election time. Whether or not we like them, whether or not we voted them into office to begin with. Because not one judge has stepped up to defend this woman's right to life. Not one judge has stepped forward and demanded she be given Constitutional rights, the same rights given to each and every death row inmate. Not one judge has said "You know, if we're gonna make a mistake, let's err on the side of life." If anyone is participating in an atrocity through complete lack of backbone, it's the judicial system of this country.

We must be very careful how we proceed, because if we're willing to kill Terri--who does respond to people around her--then we will soon be willing to kill anyone with any kind of disability whatsoever. And then Ward Churchill will actually be sort of correct when he says that we are guilty of murder through our own inaction.


Interesting quote

It's quite interesting what some people find "disgusting," isn't it?

"It was odious, it was shocking, it was disgusting, and I think all Americans should be very alarmed about that," George Felos, attorney for Michael Schiavo, on congressional Republicans' attempts to delay the removal of the feeding tube by issuing subpoenas demanding that Terri Schiavo be brought before a congressional hearing. Yahoo! News - Quotes on Terri Schiavo Case

Of course, I'm a woman who received an e-mail from a middle school principal who found it "incredibly alarming" that I would dare e-mail the counsellor who told my daughter that she (the counsellor) "applauded the teaching methods" of a teacher who makes students cry. So to hear Schiavo's lawyer say that saving life is "odious" and "disgusting" really shouldn't shock me.

But it does. What does it say about our country? We are a wealthy, scientifically-advanced nation...that lets an innocent woman starve to death. No, strike that. That demands that an innocent woman starve to death. She is not given any rights of her own, except the "right" to die. Scott Peterson will drag us all through appeals for years, and the outcome of those appeals could very well be that his sentence is commuted. Even if it isn't, the governor of the State of California would have the right to commute that sentence. So can someone please explain to me why we are executing Terri Schiavo for no reason other than one man's greed? Why is it that the governor of the State of Florida does not have the right to commute Terri's sentence?

Michael Schiavo...Let's just say that there is a question as to how Terri got into the condition she's in. He is demanding an immediate cremation without an autopsy. The autopsy would likely show that, contrary to his claims, Terri did not suffer a heart attack at all, but that there were other--and far darker--reasons for her condition. He has moved on with his life, and has children with another woman, so one can understand his eagerness to remove any obstacles to a happy future. Of course, the fact that the biggest obstacle is the "odious...shocking...disgusting" life of his wife doesn't seem to bother those on the left. The same left that will be picketing outside San Quentin the day Scott Peterson goes to his final appointment. The same left that, if the Theresa in question were named Heinz Kerry and not Schindler Schiavo, would be moving heaven and earth to enact laws to save her life.

If given a choice of quotes to listen to, I'd personally rather hear this quote, from the same linked source as the one above:

"The president believes when there are serious questions or doubts in a case like this, that the presumption ought to be in favor of life." — White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

As one of our local talk show hosts said yesterday, "The horses of death have won one today." We as a nation should be ashamed of ourselves. The left that screams that we have slaughtered half a million Iraqi babies (are you listening, Ward Churchill?) is silent when it comes to one American woman who cannot defend herself. Well, no, I take that back. They're not silent, they're actually loud as they can be--demanding that she die, right now if not sooner. Keep it up, left, and you will continue to lose adherents. You will lose voters. You will lose those middle-of-the-roaders who might conceivably have voted Democrat come the next election.

Friday, March 18, 2005


Hugh Hewitt and the First-Ever Radio Blogfest

I've just returned from a really cool event--the first-ever Radio Blogfest--held here at the local Borders bookstore. Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt broadcast his show live nationwide--and mentioned The Sanity Ranch!--and he drew an amazing crowd. Wall to wall people, lining up to get his autograph. There were a dozen local bloggers there, blogging away like mad. It was a heady atmosphere, full of power and hope and decent conversation. The lady in front of me was a homeschooler, there with her three kids, aged 17 to 5. The man behind me served in the Army for 30 years and now teaches at Colorado Christian College.

In short, it gave this blogger loads of new ideas, swimming around in her little head. Ideas that have led yours truly to sidebar a truly eclectic new mix of links ;) I've come to realize, over the last several weeks, that the "philosopher queen" in me has spread her wings more than a little bit. Ward Churchill and the radical left leave me utterly cold. Ditto people like Michael Schiavo. I never did like Teresa Heinz Kerry, and I can't stand Hillary Clinton. And along with that goes the fact that I have greatly enjoyed being involved with people in the past weeks who are open-minded, caring, humane individuals.

There truly is a growing, alarming culture of death at work in this country. From Ward Churchill with his "you send you" as a weapon, to Michael Schiavo with his "cremate her immediately after death with absolutely no autopsy and do it yesterday please," I have come to realize exactly where I belong and where I need to go philosophically and spiritually. I hope my current readers will follow my journey, and I look forward to yacking about it all!



Terri Schindler
Originally uploaded by Salena Moffat.
Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have
loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night...


Legislation from the bench

One of these days, the government of this country will not be controlled by power-hungry jock-wannabes who legislate from the bench. It must give Judge Greer such a rush, mustn't it, to be able to control the U.S. government? To be able to wave his assumed judicial power in the face of the governor of Florida? (Hey! Maybe Ward Churchill could become a judge!)

I am angrier right now than I have been in awhile, and I think I need to head for the hills for some spiritual cleansing, if that makes any sense. Today has pissed me off so totally and completely that I am left flustered and at a loss for words. I will say this, though--Judge Greer, you'd better pray that you are never in a Florida hospital unable to speak for yourself.


The death process from removal of a feeding tube--GRAPHIC

This is graphic, so read at your own discretion.

Death Process From Withdrawal of Feed Tube
Thu Mar 17, 6:28 PM ET
By The Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. - Here is the general process of death for patients whose food and hydration tubes are withdrawn.

_Day One: The percutaneous endoscopic gastrotomy tube, which is placed through the skin and into the stomach, is removed in a simple surgical procedure. Patients who do not have mental cognition to have a sense of thirst or hunger will not be uncomfortable.

_ Days Three to Four: Urine output decreases and patients begin to lose normal body secretions. The mouth begins to look dry and the eyes appear sunken. Patients will look thinner because the body tissues have lost fluid. Their heart rate gradually goes up and their blood pressure goes down. In some patients, dehydration releases endorphins in the brain that create a state of euphoria.

_ Days Five to 10: People who are alert have a marked decrease in their alertness. Respiration becomes irregular with periods of very fast and then very slow breathing. Some patients will become restless while others will be less active. For patients in a persistent vegetative state, there may be no discernible change in their movements.

_ Days 10 to Death: Patients do not appear to respond to their environment at all and may appear to be in a coma. Length of death process is determined by how well-nourished patient was and how much body fat and fluid they had when procedure began. May be outward signs of dehydration, like extremely dry skin. Kidney function declines and toxins begin accumulating in the body. Toxins cause respiratory muscles to fail. Multiple organ systems begin to fail from lack of nutrition.

Yahoo! News - Death Process From Withdrawal of Feed Tube


Why is it...

Terri Schindler Schiavo
Originally uploaded by Salena Moffat.

...that Timothy McVeigh was allowed to fall asleep and find an easy death through lethal injection, and Terri Schindler Schiavo, who is conspicuous for NOT blowing up buildings and human beings, will have her feeding tubes removed today at 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time...and slowly starve to death for as long as two weeks? If people in Terri's condition must die, why are they not the ones given lethal injections? Why do our convicted terrorists get the relatively easy way out? Shouldn't McVeigh have been the one allowed to starve to death for two weeks, and Terri the one to be allowed the peace of drug-induced sleep leading to death? Doesn't make much sense to me today. Just doesn't...

The death penalty itself must be abolished--it's a horrific practice that makes little sense when viewed against the backdrop of a modern world. Barbarism holds no place in human society, or shouldn't. My point here is simple--given that the death penalty exists, and given that there has been a drive to make the death penalty as humane and painless as possible, why, then, are we still a society that would allow an innocent woman to starve to death over a period of weeks? You cannot simultaneously be against the death penalty--which I am--and support the kind of death that will be dealt to Terri Schiavo. If we would end her life in a truly merciful and humane way, why, then, can we not use methods doled out liberally to convicted murderers? Why must Terri Schiavo linger for days on end, while Timothy McVeigh fell asleep and died within hours? Does she not deserve the same consideration that was given to a home-grown terrorist? Again, I cannot stress enough that I am against the death penalty. But I am also against adding to someone's suffering while claiming to be doing humane work. She will be given pain-killers--that in itself is an admission that Terri Schindler Schiavo will be in pain...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Wonder if C.U. would be interested

Wayne McGuire needs a job. He's worked in the mental health field before. He's a proven research assistant. Loads of experience as a research assistant in the field. Lots of experience working with wild animals. And just as news comes of his own devastating job loss, it turns out that the University of Colorado at Boulder needs a new President. And a new football coach (hopefully). And maybe some new Regents. And a new Chancellor. And, if we're very lucky, a new Ethnic Studies prof.

I wonder if McGuire should apply for any of these positions? I would assume, judging by Ward Churchill's known frauds and cons and grifts, that the little matter of a murder conviction in absentia wouldn't necessarily be a deal-breaker on C.U.'s part.

The article below is edited for brevity. Please read the entire article at the link at the bottom of this post.

Man convicted of killing Dian Fossey loses job offer
Last Updated Mon, 14 Mar 2005 20:41:08 EST
CBC News

LINCOLN, NEB. - The State of Nebraska has retracted its job offer to a man convicted by a Rwandan court of murdering American gorilla researcher Dian Fossey.

Fossey was 53 when she was killed at her jungle camp on the slopes of Rwanda's Mount Visoke, where she lived among the endangered mountain gorillas.

McGuire was the only other foreigner at the Karisoke Research Center.

One other person, a local tracker whom Fossey had fired months earlier, was charged in the murder. He died in jail in Rwanda.

A three-judge panel in Rwanda ruled that McGuire killed Fossey to get materials she was preparing for a sequel to her 1983 book, Gorillas in the Mist.

They said the manuscript was the only thing missing from Fossey's home.

CBC News: Man convicted of killing Dian Fossey loses job offer


Vernon Bellecourt threatened by Churchill

It just keeps coming, doesn't it?

Ward Churchill, in a taped message to Vernon Bellecourt, one of the founders of the American Indian Movement, laid out several threats. WC demanded that Bellecourt account for his leadership of the American Indian Movement, called him "boy" more than once, told Mr. Bellecourt (who had just had heart surgery at the time) that the next time they met Churchill "wouldn't just stand and look at" Vernon, and asked "are we clear?" at the end of the message. The entire tape can be found, of course, at

If someone were to call an African American man "boy" in the snide and snotty tones Churchill uses, they'd be accused of racism. Period. End of story. If a white professor (which WC is) phoned an African American man and asked that "boy" if they were "clear," it would be deemed not only racist but extremely threatening. That professor would lose their job over that alone.

And yet Ward Churchill walks free and collects a hefty paycheck. You've gotta wonder, don't you?


Churchill's threats to third wife's family

Today's Rocky Mountain News is carrying a piece on threats Ward Churchill made to the family of his late wife Leah Kelly as well as to a woman in Germany. Rhonda Kelly e-mailed me to tell me the Rocky would be carrying this today--thank you Rhonda!

From the article, edited for brevity:

University of Colorado investigators are looking into a letter sent last summer by professor Ward Churchill to his late wife's mother.

Rhonda Kelly, 41, the sister of Leah Kelly, Churchill's late wife, said she turned over the letter to CU lawyer Louise Romero, who is working on a university investigation being led by interim Chancellor Phil DiStefano.

In the letter to Barbara Kelly, a copy of which was supplied to the News by Rhonda Kelly, Churchill explains why he has decided not to accept an invitation to visit the Kellys in Canada later that month, around the anniversary of Leah Kelly's death.

Churchill wrote that a German woman named Marta Kline had been harassing his family, placing calls to his mother, sister and brother. The woman also had been asking questions about the circumstances of Leah Kelly's death, he said.

"It gets uglier," he wrote. "She's been saying that she's been 'hired by Leah's family' to prove that I'm responsible for Leah's death."

He wrote that he believed Rhonda Kelly, now a second-year law student, was supplying his personal information - including family phone numbers and official reports on the crash - to the German woman. He had the only report, but had given a copy to the Kelly family, he said.

"So, here's what I'm going to do," he wrote. "I'm going to have a couple of my German connections pay a visit to this Marta Kline and get things straightened out (let's just say that her little telephone campaign is coming to an abrupt halt, and that I should have done this long ago).

"If there's any evidence at all that Kline is in possession of anything resembling an official document from Boulder County, then I'm holding Rhonda Kelly equally responsible for what's been happening to my family.

"Especially my mother.

"Where that leads, I'll decide later. But it won't be pretty."

"German connections?" "Won't be pretty?" This man, this thug who threatened to send a few of his German pals (for "pals" read "henchmen") to a woman's house to "get things straightened out," still, presumably, has defenders. Other than his toadying lawyer David Lane, of course. But I honestly cannot see how those supporters can, after this appears in today's paper, hold their heads up in public and actually admit to that support.

Here we have the glorious tenured professor cold-bloodedly braying to his deceased wife's famliy that what will happen next to Rhonda Kelly...won't be pretty.

If this doesn't send chills down your spine, if this doesn't make you click the Regents' e-mail addresses I posted and tell them in no uncertain terms how you feel about this man, then you're made of far sterner stuff than I am. He actually says that he "should have done this long ago." How can anyone think that he means, perhaps, that he should have thought angry thoughts toward Germany or toward the Kellys? He doesn't mean "consciousness" here, folks, like he would have us all believe he meant when teaching anarchists in Seattle how to become a weapon. He has said that if you have a trigger finger "that's a good place to start." He has said that "more 9-11s need to happen." And he has gotten away with it all, every vile noisome word of it. He has raped our minds with his hate-filled words, and he has gotten away with it.

Until now. Until other people become involved and make a stand, send e-mails, call talk shows, get angry enough to try to make at least one nasty, crazy person pay for the hate speech, for the theft of Indian identity, for the threats against women. (He does seem to focus on women, have you noticed? Makes me wonder why he feels so inadequate that he needs to attack women. Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't threatened me--after all, my blog does get read as far away as Romania.)

And for the record--it doesn't exactly come as a shock to me to learn that C.U. is "looking for" this letter. Complaints against Churchill have a funny way of disappearing at C.U. Dealing with my daughter's testostorone-soaked principal this past week at a middle school here in Colorado, I have to wonder if it might just be something in the water upper-level idiots in Colorado school systems drink.

Ward Churchill is a threat. He is a threat worldwide, not merely in the cloistered halls of C.U., because he threatens a way of life that many, many professors have become accustomed to. He's made ordinary people take notice of the fact that these tenured teachers have an awfully soft life at our expense. He's wormed his grifterly little behind into our heads, our childrens' heads. He's brayed his hate speech to anyone idiotic enough to listen.

And if you think people like Al Qaeda and the Iraqi insurgents aren't fully aware of his sterling, glittering, pandering endorsements of them--think again. And then think about that for a third time, and wonder about the possible implications...

Monday, March 14, 2005


Birdcage Cat

Originally uploaded by Salena Moffat.
I got this in an e-mail, so I have no idea whose it is, but ohmigawd did I ever need a laugh! It's been a grueling few weeks for me, and I absolutely had to post this pic!


Board of Regents e-mail addresses

Today's news on Ward Churchill--the public-funds buyout, according to 7 of 9 (yeah, I thought of the Borg too...) Regents, may not happen after all. Instead, they may use private funds to buy out our local wacko fraud. Private funds, thereby neatly avoiding any "why did you use my tax dollar?" fallout. These regents can be recalled, they can be voted out of office, they can be e-mailed ;) Listed below, from the C.U. website, are the e-mail addresses of the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado at Boulder.


White supremacist dreamland

Okay, I'm really not sure what to make of this. I received the link in an Alert e-mail from Yahoo, and didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or run screaming down the street at the utter blind idiocy of some people. I wonder if they need an Ethnic Studies professor who's totally into hate speech--they could have ours for free.

The bit pasted below is edited for brevity, the entire article can be found at Rebuilding a pure Aryan home in the Paraguayan jungle

In the late 19th century, a handful of German families settled in a remote jungle of Paraguay, where they intended to create a racially pure utopian settlement called Nueva Germania.

The experiment was a colossal failure.

The settlers were unprepared for the devastating diseases and other hardships of jungle life, and their descendants -- some of whom intermarried with the darker-skinned locals -- are among the poorest people in one of the poorest countries in South America.

But now they have an unlikely champion: a Wagner-loving San Francisco composer who is mounting a determined crusade to rebuild the Aryan dream and has sought assistance from Vice President Dick Cheney, two U.S. philanthropic groups, a Southern California town council, Bay Area artists, and a U.S. filmmaker best known for the underground movie "Scorpio Rising" and the book "Hollywood Babylon."

"As an artist who is fed up with much of the pretentious nonsense that has come to define Western culture, I am drawn to the idea of an Aryan vacuum in the middle of the jungle," says David Woodard, who lives on Mount Davidson and studied musical composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Woodard, who is also the musical director of the Los Angeles Chamber Group, a 14-member ensemble that specializes in playing at memorial services, insists he is not a white supremacist, but rather a man driven by a vision of his musical hero that happened to bear fruit in a patch of land located about 120 miles north of Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay.

"Nueva Germania represents an aesthetic sanctuary conceived by Wagner; a place where Aryans could peaceably go to experience life and pursue the advancement of Germanic culture," he said. The Germans currently populating Nueva Germania number about 100 families, most descended from the original colonists, who arrived in 1886.

Among the pioneers was Elisabeth Nietzsche-Foerster -- sister of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche -- who sailed to Paraguay with 14 German families to start a socialist, vegan utopia along the Aguaraya River. She got the idea after reading an 1880 essay by Richard Wagner called "Religion and Art," in which the composer ranted against Germany's 1871 emancipation of the Jews.

But the colonists were unable to get crops to grow, and many fell victim to malaria, tuberculosis, snakebites and sand fleas. After two years, Nietzsche-Foerster's husband, a notorious anti-Semitic propagandist named Bernhard Foerster, committed suicide by swallowing poison after a drinking binge. His widow returned to Germany in 1893.

Today, the Nietzsche-Foerster home in Nueva Germania lies in ruins, the original Lutheran church and the German school have been closed for more than a decade, while the German-speaking descendants barely eke out a living as subsistence farmers.

Woodard, born and raised in Santa Barbara, is a thin man with stooped shoulders who favors large, dark sunglasses. Now in his mid-30s, he also manufactures replicas of a psychedelic contraption called a Dreamachine, a motorized cylinder that spins and creates a strobe effect.

Invented in 1959 by the Beat writer Brion Gysin, it is supposed to paint pictures inside the viewer's head. Woodard says his clients have included rockers Kurt Cobain, Iggy Pop and Beck.

When Woodard first visited Nueva Germania last year, he found most of its residents living in tin-roofed adobe homes with no indoor plumbing, electricity or telephones. The children walk seven miles to the nearest Spanish-language school.

Still, Woodard found that some have not given up on the idea of a racially pure homeland and prefer to marry their cousins rather than non- German Paraguayans.

Compelled by what he had witnessed, Woodard, on his return to San Francisco, wrote a seven-minute anthem called "Our Jungle Holy Land" and managed to get several Bay Area artists to participate.

"I thought it was an intriguing project, a bizarre thing of a colony of Germanic people in the jungle," said Kimarie Torre, a San Francisco soprano who sings on the recording. "I know this colony was started as an Aryan nation, but I saw the music as an homage to their country."
Woodard says he first learned of Nueva Germania after reading "Forgotten Fatherland: The Search for Elisabeth Nietzsche," a 1992 book by a London Times journalist, Ben MacIntyre.


One for the good guys--maybe

Buyout talks, wherein the buyout price went from $10,000,000 to less than $500,000 within days, have stalled. It's all due to the fact that, as I posted before, Dalhousie University in Canada found that, in the opinion of their legal counsel, Ward Churchill had committed plagiarism. Not to mention the fact that he called a Canadian professor in the middle of the night and threatened her to the point that she is still terrified to come before the public with her story.

Interesting thing happening 'round Denver these days--Churchill's supporters have gone to ground. The most vocal, such as Russell Means, who screamed that Churchill had "100 %" Indian blood, have been absolutely silent for weeks. Maybe they finally get the picture? I mean, of course, the real one, not the picture flipped and colorized by Ward Churchill and sold as his own work...

Oh, and that's another thing! He will get at least $66,000 a year as pension regardless of whether he's fired or bought out. This money will come from investments made by the University of Colorado in his name. Funny as hell, if you ask me, as well as disgustingly tragic, that this "I hate America, I hate white men, I hate brokers, oh God you wouldn't believe how much I hate white American brokers!" will be living off of monies invested for him in the American stock market. Of course, he himself is a white American man, so if you add the pension into the mix, he must hate himself something fierce ;)

Note on the above paragraph in case any sue-happy WC supporters stop by ;) The quote isn't Chruchill's, it's satirical ;) LOL, how sick is it that I feel the need to put that disclaimer on my blog? The Russell Means "100 %" quote is, however, real. You've got to wonder how Means gets to that figure from a white German-English man who reportedly had slave-trading ancestors?

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Random weekend thoughts

Okay, Rush Limbaugh--I received an e-mail that mentioned Limbaugh saying nasty things about Colorado, and accidentally deleted the e-mail. I emptied the Trash Can before realizing my mistake. I can find no mention of this anywhere online--if any of my readers knows about this, please e-mail me with a link I can use? Thanks so much!

Now, for Ward Churchill ;) Couldn't let 48 hours pass without posting something about him, now could I? Which raises the question--what on earth will I have to post about when this is all over with? Yikes...

Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman posted a tape on their website, linked on the left sidebar at 630KHOW, of WC teaching a man how to commit a terrorist act. He later, in direct response to Caplis and Silverman, said that--duh--his words were taken out of context. Again, the last defense of the indefensible. This article in the Boulder Daily Camera (you may have to register first, but again, it's free, and takes just a second) details exactly what WC wants us all to believe he actually meant when he said that you should send yourself, in a banker's suit, into Wall Street as the weapon, so that "they don't see you coming."

Basically, he claims this:

The "weapons" I referred to were young people's own consciousness and capacity to transmit it. Along the way, I also pointed out that as relatively privileged Euro-Americans, they were ideally situated to undertake such a project.

So, let me see if I understand this, WC. You meant that their minds and consciousness were the weapons? Following that logic, "a weapon is a terrible thing to waste," right? Did you mean, maybe, some sort of telekinetic activity, then, when you spoke of carrying out an "action?" Because you cannot, without resorting to telekinesis, carry out an "action" with your "consciousness." You specifically told that group of admitted anarchists that they were ideally placed to carry out an action. An "action," which is exactly what you called the terrorist activities on 9-11-01. You said, and I quote, "the action was correct," when speaking about 9-11. You called it an "action," you said that the young anarchist you were addressing was ideal to carry out an "action." So, then, those planes in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania--they were, what, mere thought-waves? Hair-trigger consciousness, perhaps...

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