Saturday, September 02, 2006


A novel way to make a bomb

FrontpageMag has this article detailing a novel new use for dead Muslims. I'll bet you never thought of Muslims booby-trapping their own dead, did you?


And in local news...

I had almost forgotten about this case! In recent weeks, the focus here in Colorado has been, once again, on the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. I haven't even been following my Yankees with my customary fervor at this time of year (World Series right around the corner!) At any rate, I had shamefully forgotten about the poor woman held as a sex slave here by a no-doubt-peaceful Muslim man and his wife. Click the above link for details of the couples' sentencing.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Hey, libs, all your dreams have come true in a faux documentary

Click here to read the MSNBC article on a new British faux documentary that depicts the "assassination" of President George W. Bush. Sickening. Horrifying. If someone made a mockumentary about the "assassination" of the President of Iran, or of former President Bill Clinton, the liberal world would be enraged and screaming for it to be blocked from the airwaves. Wonder how many libs will be appalled by the mockumentary about W's "death." Used to be a time this kind of thing would have been considered completely out-of-bounds. Not anymore, I guess. Hey, Cindy Sheehan, maybe you could get a copy and enjoy watching your every dream, your every sick fantasy, come true, right before your eyes. Liberalporn.


Stop "honor" killings

I am also adding this link to my rather extensive list o'links on the left. Please visit this site. You will be appalled at the things being done right now, in the 21st. century, in the name of "honor."

Stop Honour Killings


Top 10 reasons Islam may not be a peaceful religion

Don Feder has written an excellent article, some of which I'll post here. Click here to read the entire article.

Top 10 Reasons Islam Might Not Be a Religion of Peace -->Written by Don FederThursday, August 31, 2006

A passenger revolt occurred on a Malaga-Manchester flight. Vacationing Brits refused to fly with two Arabic-speaking men. This came in the wake of arrests of 21 British-born Muslims who were plotting to blow up as many as 11 trans-Atlantic flights.

A spokesman for Britain’s opposition Tory party said the passengers panicked into “behaving irrationally.” Fancy that, not wanting to fly with members of a faith whose adherents keep trying to blow things up. Oh, how irrational!

Within days of this incident, a Lebanese student was arrested for trying to plant bombs on German trains. In India, meanwhile, a group with alleged ties to al-Qaeda threatened to blow up the 17th century Taj Mahal.

If Muslims make travelers nervous, it’s not without cause.

Would you be more likely to have an anxiety attack at 20,000 feet if the passenger seated next to you was: A) An Irish nun saying the Rosary? B) A Mormon missionary in regulation white shirt and narrow, black tie? C) A Hari Krishna in a standard-issue saffron robe? or D) A bearded bloke of Middle Eastern complexion holding a well-thumbed Koran?


Christians are being bludgeoned in Uzbekistan

Ukrainian Baptist apprehended and beaten in Uzbekistan
30.08.2006 09:58 msk
Media reports

Christian Megaportal in Uzbekistan reports with references to anonymous local sources that the police broke up a Evangelic Seminar in Termez and arrested everyone present.

According to, police officers bludgeoned the believers - adults and children alike. Some of them were soon released with the order to remain within reach of the law enforcement agencies, but six were left in the detention cell. One of the arrested believers is a Ukrainian on a visit to Uzbekistan. Cases were opened against all arrestees. They remain in custody in Termez and get regularly beaten, their families say.

The Ukrainian is one Yuri Stefanko, born in 1983, resident of Kiev where he attends the Baptist Church. Stefanko flew to Uzbekistan to meet with his friends on August 14.

Click here for story.


Muslim women, be warned--let him have as many wives as he wants

Hyderabad, India - Indian authorities have arrested a man who locked his wife in a room for three years and made her drink her own urine, after she opposed him taking a second wife, police said on Thursday.

Asha Begum, wife of construction foreman Mohammed Shadulla, was chained and held captive in a windowless room in their home in a suburb of Hyderabad, capital of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Local police inspector Subbarami Reddy said that Shadulla had brought home a new wife in February 2003, but when Begum protested he had locked her up.

Read the entire story at this link.


Iran jetliner crash

May God bless the victims and their families in the tragic plane crash in Iran.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Nine years...

Casual Di!
Originally uploaded by Diana Forever!.
A portrait taken in 1986, twenty years ago. Today marks the ninth anniversary of the death of Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Terrorist rock and roll

Hysterical, and terrifying at the same time. Click here for the song "Hawk of Lebanon," all about how wonderful Hezbollah is and how awesome it is to be a terrorist rock star at a wedding. Sickening stuff, folks...


Yet more "peaceful" stuff out of Lebanon

Lebanon refuses to even think about a peace deal with Israel. Ever. Period. For any reason. Unless, of course, Israel gives Jerusalem to the Muslims. Then Lebanon might, just might, be willing to talk peace. Until then, says Lebanon, they will be the absolute last country to ever, ever, ever sign a deal with Israel. So much for peace.

Jerusalem. Yerushalayim. Founded by King David. A Jewish man, if I'm not much mistaken. Well, okay, founded in actuality by the Canaanites, but I don't think they're still laying claim. I hope.

"According to Midrash, Jerusalem was founded by Shem and Eber, ancestors of Abraham. Further, the Bible mentions that the city was controlled by the Jebusites until its conquest by David, at a date subsequently placed at about 1000 BCE." (Wikipedia)

Seems to me that just because some guy had a weird dream in which he traveled to Jerusalem shouldn't really be the basis for an actual claim. If that were to hold up in court, I myself could personally lay claim to Buckingham Palace, Honolulu, and Brad Pitt.


Frankenstein's Monster--an e-mail I sent to Mary Lacy

Every time I think of JonBenet for the rest of my life, I will see Karr's perverted, smirking face. I will hear his words, hear his insane, cruel voice. I will see, in oh-so-graphic detail, every murderous thing he said he did to her in that moldy basement room. I will never again be able to see just JonBenet's innocence, without Karr's sickening descriptions entering my mind. He has forever tainted JonBenet, marked her as his own as surely as if he had been convicted of her slaying.

And you, Mary Lacy--you, who are not embarrassed; you, who are only embarrassed on behalf of us morons who dared to believe your lies--you had a hand in this. Every person who has followed this case, every person who has ever felt pain at the death of this sweet child, will forever link her name with Karr's. Because of you. Because you decided that his e-mails, unlike every other e-mail confession (Lin Wood said there have been many e-mail confessions, did you know that?), deserved your attention. Because you decided that the safety of a Thai child mattered more--oh, so much more--than the safety of every child in America.

John Mark Karr will get out of jail within months. He will be free to roam this country at will, thanks to you and you alone. He won't roam, though, Mary Lacy, be sure of that. John Mark Karr will come back. His obsession with JonBenet guarantees that much. He will come back to you, Mary Lacy. And by the time he does, can you guarantee that he will not, by then, have escalated beyond all hope? Can you guarantee that your own personal Frankenstein's Monster will not return to you with genuine blood on his hands?

Blood on his hands...Blood on your head. Congratulations, Mary Lacy, on maintaining the sort of Boulder justice that Alex Hunter would be proud of. The DNA didn't match, and may even have had nothing to do with the murder, but you let Karr go. You cannot account for his whereabouts from December 23 1996 to January 2 1997, but you let Karr go. His accounts are mixed, contradictory (did you even once think he may be confusing several crimes into one?), and so you let Karr go. A trained professional warned you that he was on an escalating road to God-knows-where, so you brought him in to keep one Thai child safe...and then you let Karr go.


Fake but accurate Katie suddenly "loses" weight

The "fake but accurate" standard at CBS is intact as of this writing, in case anyone was worried. In a recent promotional pic of Katie Couric, the actress--ooops, sorry, the serious reporter Couric--appears to have lost quite a bit of weight. It's all thanks to airbrushing that got out of hand. And I was so worried that Katie wouldn't live up to Dan Rather's ideals...Good thing there are still those in the CBS house who are willing to go out on a limb for their anchors, no?

NEW YORK - No, Katie Couric didn't suddenly lose 20 pounds. The incoming "CBS Evening News" anchor appears significantly thinner in a network promotional magazine photo thanks to digital airbrushing.

The touched-up photo of Couric dressed in a striped business suit appears on the inside of the September issue of Watch! which is distributed at CBS stations and on American Airlines flights.
CBS News President Sean McManus said he was "obviously surprised and disappointed when I heard about it."

The original picture was snapped in May and was widely circulated to the media as an official photo of Couric.

Couric, 49, said she hadn't known about the digitally reworked version until she saw the issue. The former NBC "Today" show host told the Daily News, "I liked the first picture better because there's more of me to love."

Gil Schwartz, executive vice president of communications for CBS Corp., said Wednesday in a phone interview the photo alteration was done by someone in the CBS photo department who "got a little zealous."

Click here for the whole article. Journalistic fraud, alive and well... I wonder if there's a class on how to alter a photo? Or if I could just buy Photoshop and have at it. Of course, there are those who will say that this isn't really fraud. It isn't misleading, not in a harmful way. But come on, she hasn't even officially hit the airwaves yet, and already we're being tricked into thinking she's something she's not. Where will it end?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Lest we forget...

JonBenet 4
Originally uploaded by SanityRanch.
Boulder DA Alex Hunter was well-known for allowing murderers to either go completely free, as in the case of the man who murdered the boyfriend of Robert Redford's daughter, or else letting them get off with tiny sentences. A man who murdered his wife in her sleep got 3 years under Alex Hunter.

Boulder is known for its extremely liberal views, and I honestly wonder if JonBenet's confessed murderer has gotten away with it (and no, I do not mean Patsy Ramsey). Current Boulder DA Mary Lacy threw herself into the recent "ohmigawd, the entire football team at the University of Colorado are rapists even though we can't prove it and the judge threw out the case for lack of evidence" scene a couple of years ago. She's desperate for recognition, and she could have had it. She could have been renowned as the woman who caught JonBenet's killer.

Lest we forget, a picture here of a beautiful little girl, sans makeup, sans fancy outfits, just an innocent bow in her hair. A little girl who deserves the justice Boulder will never be able to give her.


John Mark Karr's e-mails and arrest warrant

This link will take you directly to a .pdf file of every single e-mail exchanged between John Mark Karr, accused and then un-accused of murdering JonBenet Ramsey, and his pal Michael Tracey, Journalism Prof at Boulder's infamous University of Colorado. WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!! The .pdf file linked contains explicit details of John Karr's inner fantasy life, as well as explicit details of the way he believes he murdered JonBenet Ramsey. READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This link will take you to the now-unsealed arrest warrant for John Mark Karr. THE SAME WARNING APPLIES HERE!!!! EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!!


Fire-Alarm Mary

As I write, the press conference regarding John Mark Karr's release has just ended in Boulder. It was held, ironically enough, in the jury selection room. A few minutes into the conference, right when it became apparent that Boulder DA Mary Lacy would have to face some difficult questions in regard to her arrest and subsequent release of John Mark Karr, a fire alarm went off. Mary Lacy immediately said that perhaps the conference would have to be cancelled, and reconvened as soon as possible. Unfortunately for darling Mary Lacy, the alarm was soon dealt with, and she had to face those difficult questions after all. The above link should take you to the MSNBC video of the conference.

And reporters did ask some really brutal questions, most of which Lacy skirted rather hastily. If she couldn't skirt them, she pawned them off on her subordinates. The difficult questions must have come as quite a shock to Lacy, as she deliberately tried to seed the news pool with friendly faces, excluding such people as our local talk radio hosts Dan Caplis, Craig Silverman, and Peter Boyles, all of whom would have been distinctly unfriendly toward dear Mary Lacy. She did, however, admit complete responsibility for this major snafu in the history of the Boulder justice system. The MSNBC text story can be found here.

Yesterday, I posted Mary Lacy's e-mail address, and I will post here the e-mail I sent to her.

Mary Lacy, you have perverted justice. You have made Colorado the laughing-stock of this country. Of the world. RESIGN. You do not belong in the DA's office. You do not belong in law enforcement anywhere for any reason at any time. Go away. Oh, and thanks for helping release a pervert onto the streets of America. Thanks for the safekeeping. Next time, maybe try not to keep us so safe.

Monday, August 28, 2006


The sky darkened

The sky darkened. Literally. The expected rain is on its way, and the first clouds covered the sun at the exact moment it was announced that there is no DNA match to John Mark Karr in the JonBenet murder case here in Colorado. The sky darkened as it was announced that no charges will be filed. The sky darkened as it was announced that John Mark Karr was released from the custody of the Boulder Police.

We were wrong. He didn't do it. We wanted so badly for this to be it, for this to be real, that we fell for the lie. We believed that no DA in their right mind would extradite this pervert from Bangkok on suspicion of murdering JonBenet without the forensics to back up the charges. And the forensics definitely do not back up the suspicion.

John Mark Karr, thank God, will be detained after all, awaiting extradition back to California where he is wanted on child porn charges from which he fled in 2001. He will serve time, hopefully, but probably not a lot. And then, thanks to Boulder DA Mary Lacy, he will be set free on the streets of this country. He will be free to prey on children. On your children. On the children of your friends. On your grandchildren. On children yet unborn.

Mary Lacy must resign. She is a bumbling moron without the sense God gave a gnat, and she must resign from office immediately. For too long, Boulder has been in the limelight as a butt of jokes, and this will make national news for weeks. Probably for decades, as the crimes of this perverted, twisted animal John Karr continue to escalate. God willing, he will not actually escalate to murder, though that is the progression, often, in cases such as his. And by the way, the link highlighting her name is the link to her official webpage. Feel free to e-mail her. I assume it's safe to urge you to do this, as she has clearly posted her e-mail address on said webpage (or at least it's posted there as of 5:00 p.m. August 28, 2006). Just in case the contact info vanishes, however, I will post it here:

God help America. We are a nation of idiots. I can say this at least insofar as Homeland Security helping this woman extradite Karr from Thailand were idiots for having done so. The Boulder DA's office are idiots. But mostly, the true idiots are those of us who dared to believe, to hope, to pray that maybe, just maybe, justice had finally come for a slaughtered little girl.



Today will mark the first Colorado court appearance of John Mark Karr, accused of murdering JonBenet Ramsey. Pray it goes well. Pray that justice may at last be coming to fruition.


"Peaceful" my Aunt Fanny

The kidnapped FoxNews journalists "converted" to Islam. They were forced to. At gunpoint. By Muslim men who dressed the journalists in Muslim robes and forced them--yes, I keep repeating myself--at gunpoint to convert to Islam. I guess this is actually good news, because it means that in order to gain new members from the outside world, Muslims must give people a choice--convert or die.

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