Saturday, April 23, 2005


Jeb Bush

When Pope Benedict XVI officially assumes his title on Sunday at his installation Mass, Jeb Bush will be in attendance as the head of the United States delegation. While I understand that Jeb is a Catholic, I have serious problems with the fact that Terri Schindler died on his watch. I also think that this choice of delegation head smacks more than a little of political pandering. Jeb has stated that he has no interest in pursuing a presedential bid anytime soon, but this makes me wonder. And I can't be the only one wondering.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will be attending as well, and I frankly find Rowan Wiliams a more honest attendee than I do Governor Jeb Bush. I know that politics must go on, but I had hoped that it could have waited until after the solemn Mass had been celebrated. Naive, yes, but I'm still left with the nasty feeling that a grand religious occasion is being used to set up a future White House run, and left also with the wish that perhaps it could have been avoided somehow.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Pro-life Democrats

No, that isn't a typo. This press release gives me hope.

4/21/2005 - 22:42 PST
Catholic PRWire
MEDIA CONTACT: Kristen DayApril 21, 2005(703) 281-3781
Plan to Reduce the Number of Abortions Unveiled
Congressman Tim Ryan to Introduce Legislation Modeled After DFLA’s 95-10 Initiative

WASHINGTON, DC – Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) joined Congressmen Tim Ryan, Bart Stupak, Lincoln Davis and other pro-life Democrats at a national press conference at the Democratic National Committee today to unveil an innovative abortion-reduction proposal. The proposal they call the “95-10 Initiative” was released after months of research, political outreach and planning.

The 95-10 Initiative is a comprehensive proposal of 15 different policy programs that, when fully funded and implemented in coordination with each other, will hopefully reduce the number of abortions in America by 95 percent over the next 10 years.

Please read the entire press release at Catholic Online - Catholic PRWire - Plan to Reduce the Number of Abortions Unveiled


And now for Fonda's former better half

First of all, 60 Minutes this Sunday will feature a profile of the life of Pope John Paul II. Check your local listings.

And now for Ted Turner, who in the following quotes sounds like nothing so much as a man on a serious drunken jag. I knew that the gulf was widening between those striving for good on this planet, and those who perhaps aren't so interested in that outcome ;) so I guess Turner shouldn't really shock me...The entire article can be read at

NEW YORK, April 21, 2005 ( - Ted Turner, one of the world's richest men and most overtly anti-Catholic promoters of eugenic population control, has been honored with a prestigious award by the United Nations on the day following the papal election. The 2005 Alan Cranston Peace Award was presented on behalf of the Global Security Institute (GSI) by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Turner has a long history of making anti-Catholic and anti-papal insults. On February 16, 1999 Ted Turner made anti-Catholic and anti-Polish remarks before the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association in Washington, D.C. that were obviously meant as an insult to the late Pope John Paul II. He ridiculed the Ten Commandments saying, "they're a little out of date." He said, "If you're only going to have 10 rules, I don't know if prohibiting adultery should be one of them." He then directly mocked the Pope when asked to comment what he would say if he met the Pope. Turner lifted his leg and said, "Ever seen a Polish mine detector?" In a reference to John Paul's defence of traditional morality, he said the Pope should "get with it." Welcome to the 20th century."

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Israel welcomes new Pope

Pope Benedict XVI broke the seals on the Papal apartments and entered them for the first time as Pope.

Israel welcomes this new Pope, thereby putting paid to rumors that the Pope's past would mar his chances of a decent relationship with that state.

Israel has welcomed the election of Pope Benedict XVI despite his past association with a Nazi party youth group. Israel says it hopes that Pope Benedict will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II. "Israel welcomes the election of the new pope," said government spokesman, Mark Regev. "We are sure that under his papacy we will continue to see a strengthening relationship between Israel and the Vatican and between the Jewish people and the Catholic Church." VOA News - Israel Praises Election of Pope Benedict XVI

The article continues: Rabbi David Rosen, a leader in interfaith dialogue who has met Pope Benedict several times, says his past is not a problem. "All young people were enrolled in the Nazi Youth, this was an enforced enrollment, and there is actually nothing to suggest he had any ideological association with Nazism," he said. "On the contrary, his family was well-known as being anti-Nazi."


Of apologies, and practicing what you preach

Jane Fonda, in a desperate attempt to rouse interest in her new book, apologized to the soldiers she offended during the Vietnam era (for "offended" I think it'd be safe to substitute the words "nearly got killed"). She then promptly went on the talk-show circuit, begging people to understand that it was all because she was a poor neglected little girl, that her Mommy and Daddy just didn't understand her and that her whole "I hate America" phase that included practically mating with enemy tanks was just the heartfelt cry of a lonely little rich kid. Mind, this is the same Daddy that she couldn't praise highly enough when he won his Oscar for "On Golden Pond" decades ago...Proving that not everyone believes the old-age repentance Fonda's trying so hard to force us to swallow, a man at a book-signing yesterday spit in her face. The man is a Vietnam veteran. I guess not everyone believes that it was all Henry Fonda's fault that Jane was such an upstanding poster-child for the hard left...

And in the "practice what you preach" category, Italy has ruled that a woman's feeding tube remain inserted. Italy praised Bush and Congress for their attempt to save Terri Schindler's life.

LECCO, Italy (Reuters) - Italy's Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a man's appeal to remove a feeding tube keeping his daughter alive, weeks after a bitter row over brain-damaged Terri Schiavo divided the United States. The Italian court confirmed an earlier ruling that called feeding Eluana Englaro, in a vegetative state following a 1992 car crash, a "necessary act."
Yahoo! News - Italian Court Rules Woman's Feeding Tube Must Stay

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Auction withdrawn

A controversial eBay auction has been withdrawn by the seller. The seller was offering for sale a number of consecrated Eucharistic hosts. Despite eBay's refusal to withdraw the item from sale, basically saying that they don't care who gets offended by an auction, the seller took the higher ground themselves. For non-Catholics, the consecrated Eucharistic host is the little wafer Catholics take at Communion. We believe that when it has been consecrated by a priest, it becomes the body of Christ.

SIOUX CITY, IA. April 18, 2005 ( - The Diocese of Sioux City announced Friday that that the much-publicized sale of what was purported to be a consecrated host on eBay has been withdrawn by the seller. Monsignor Roger J. Augustine, administrator of the Diocese of Sioux City, met with the seller Friday and was advised that the sale would not be consummated. According to Msgr. Augustine, the seller deeply regretted the effort to sell the Eucharist and extended a personal apology to him, the Diocese and any others who had been offended by the eBay listing. Because the transaction never materialized, there was no money exchanged or received. Click Here


Getting something off my chest

Twice in the past few weeks I've banned commentors from my blog. I want to make something really clear here--this is my blog. Period.

If you come here looking for a fight, you will be banned and your comments will be removed. Period.

If you repost comments that I have previously deleted, you will be banned and your comments will be removed. Period.

I am not answerable to anyone for my opinions, or for my blog. This is my space, filled with my thoughts and musings, and I do not have to allow anyone to comment at all if that's my choice. Period.

I welcome diverse opinions, and love to enter into dialogue with people who genuinely wish to have a dialogue. I will not condemn you for your opinions where they differ from my own, and will as gently as I can offer my own opinion and comment in return. This does not extend to people who troll blogs looking to start flamewars--these people are not welcome to post here. Period.

There are plenty of blogs out there where such hate-filled, agenda-spiked comments would be warmly welcomed, I'm sure. This isn't one of them.


First Papal Mass

First Papal Mass and Bishop's Crozier
Originally uploaded by Salena Moffat.
Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his first Mass as Supreme Pontiff today. This is an AP photo of the new Pope headed for Mass carrying his pastoral staff, which looks to be an identical copy of the crozier carried with love and fondness by Pope John Paul II.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The new Pope

The 264th successor to Saint Peter, and therfore the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, is Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. He has chosen the Papal name of Pope Benedict XVI. May God guide his steps and give him courage, which he will certainly need while shepherding the Church into the 21st century. The final vote came on only the second day, and the fourth ballot, of Conclave, which is almost unprecedentedly short for a Papal Conclave. The new Pope is appearing on the balcony as I type these words, arrayed in pontifical glory. St. Peter's Square is filled to absolute capacity plus. If these words sound drippy and overexuberant, they are, and I won't apologize ;) I was a teenager the last time there was a Papal election, and there is a definite expectation in the air now as we all wait to see whether this Pope will follow in the footsteps of the man already being popularly acclaimed as John Paul the Great.



Habemus Papam! We have a Pope! The bells began pealing moments ago as white smoke curled into the evening air of Rome. At approximately 6:00 p.m. Rome time, the smoke began issuing from the Sistine Chapel's chimney, and the bells are still ringing as I type. Thank You, God, and may You always guide Your Church. God bless the new Pope! It'll be a few minutes yet until they announce who the new Pope is, but this is wonderful news nonetheless! The first Pope of the third millennium...


Vatican Radio

This link will take you to the official Vatican Radio website, where you can listen live in several different languages.


Shades of grey

As of this morning, there is no new Pope. Two votes, one at 8:00 p.m. Rome time last night, another at noon Rome time today, have resulted in black smoke issuing from the chimney on the Sistine Chapel. Confusion reigned both times, however, as initially the smoke appeared white. Today's noon vote was even accompanied by the noontime chimes on the Basilica clock, thereby causing the waiting crowd to think that, as stipulated by John Paul II, bells were ringing along with the apparently white smoke. This could take hours more, or days more, there's absolutely no way to tell. We have to be patient, which is annoying ;)

Monday, April 18, 2005


Of rings and keys

The Papal ring of Pope John Paul II has been broken, in accord with ancient tradition, thus symbolizing that his pontificate is truly at an end. In the middle ages, the breaking of the Papal ring assured that no imposter could then affix the Papal seal to any forged documents. I would assume that the same still basically holds true--no one can today claim that the Pope gave them the ring as a sign of special favor, etc. Or worse, as a sign that some illegitimate child was in fact his. (And with that last one, I'm wondering how long it'll be before some person shows up claiming that Karol Wojtyla was in fact their father/grandfather/boyfriend thirteen times removed...As the process begins for his canonization, I have absolutely no doubt that such things will be claimed, because it seems that smearing the name of good people is definitely in fashion these days, especially if that person was/is Catholic.)

And today begins the Conclave, wherein the next Pope will be chosen. There was a solemn Mass this morning where the Cardinals asked for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and they will then enter the Sistine Chapel for the first day of Conclave. Interesting trivia--the origins of Conclave, which literally means "with a key," lie in medieval times, when the Cardinals were having trouble electing a new Pope. In utter frustration the townspeople locked them in the building and eventually, in winter, tore the roof off and rationed the food in an attempt to get a choice made. It worked.

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