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Speaking of Michael Schiavo

This is interesting:

AP Shills for Michael Schiavo
Posted by
Lisa Fabrizio on December 7, 2005 - 18:03.

Months after her death, the Associated Press has reopened the tragic story of Terri Schiavo, this time giving its huge audience the big news that her husband has launched a Political Action Committee:

Michael Schiavo, whose effort to end life support for his brain-damaged wife divided a nation, is launching a political action committee that will challenge candidates based on where they stand on government's reach in private lives.

In rehashing the story, the AP continues just as it left off, lying. Terri Schiavo was no more on “life support” than is an infant child who cannot feed itself. But just to keep the ball rolling--in an AP-ish sort of way--they couldn’t resist jabbing you know who:

Schiavo described himself as a lifelong Republican "before Republicans pushed the power of government into my private family decisions."

For those of you who are remotely interested in why a man who--with the assistance of the right-to-death crowd via the U.S. judicial system--had his wife starved to death, and who claimed to hate the spotlight, would start a PAC, I give you this from his website:

The sanctity of marriage and personal privacy – the right to make life’s most personal decisions for ourselves and our families free from government interference – are fundamental freedoms and American beliefs that I hold dear.

We need to elect leaders with true, traditional American values and some backbone to stand up for them – who respect the sanctity of marriage and put our fundamental right to privacy before political opportunism.

In case anyone has forgotten (the AP apparently has), this paragon of matrimonial sanctity had two children out of wedlock with a woman he lived with during the years of Terri’s infirmity.

But why should that matter to the AP as long as it furthers their political agenda?

The original source for this post: AP Shills for Michael Schiavo


Whither Canada?

I have never heard of Stephen Lewis, but apparently he's causing a big stink north of the border. He received an award from a "Catholic" hospital in Canada, and is so liberal he must make people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry positively green with jealousy, eh?

Again, the snippets below are from LifeSiteNews.

First snippet--ST. BONIFACE, Manitoba, December 6, 2005 ( - The St. Boniface General Hospital last week awarded one of the world’s more prominent promoters of the eugenic population control and anti-Catholic movements in international health care. Stephen Lewis, despite protests by Catholics and pro-life groups, both to the hospital and the local bishop, was duly granted a prestigious award for “international humanitarian work in health care.”

Second snippet--Stephen Lewis so "liberated" he even chose sperm donor to inseminate lesbian daughter
REAL Women says "pompous, arrogant" Lewis "an ideal UN bureaucrat"
By Stephen Jalsevac

OTTAWA, December 5, 2005 ( - REAL Women of Canada, a group that has extensively lobbied at the United Nations on behalf of the family, has written a scorching piece in its Nov/Dec 2005 newsletter about the socialist antics of Canada's Stephen Lewis at the UN.
Gwendolyn Landolt, REAL Women's national vice-president, writes in the article that, "The UN and Mr. Lewis were a perfect match. Mr. Lewis's pompous, arrogant posturing fitted perfectly into the UN style and made him an ideal UN bureaucrat." Landolt goes on to relate the deadly anti-life, anti-family and anti-Christian agenda pursued by Lewis during his heady years in senior roles at the UN.

"The problem with Mr. Lewis, however," writes Landolt, "is that he does not seem to have any original thoughts, nor does he seem capable of grappling with concepts outside the socialist box which challenge the concept of absolute sexual liberation. In fact, Mr. Lewis is so 'liberated' that he even chose the sperm donor to inseminate his lesbian daughter, Ilana."

** See the complete article republished today as a LifeSiteNews Special Report
The Tiny Mind of Stephen Lewis


Not really surprising

I get the daily dispatches from LifeSiteNews (their ticker can be found at the bottom of this blog), and usually find myself outraged by what I read there. Christmas is from the very Christian, very Catholic, words "Christ Mass," and yet people will still insist that it's nothing more than a secular "let's shop until we're bankrupt" time of year. More and more, worldwide, Christians are being actively discriminated against, and I have only the absolute highest praise for the girl in the story below who refused to remove her crucifix.

Sikh Sacred Band OK but Crucifix No Way says UK School
Hanukkah Songs Permitted but Christmas Carols Forbidden in Wisconsin
By Terry Vanderheyden and John-Henry Westen

LONDON, December 6, 2005 ( – A British schoolgirl was sent home yesterday for refusing to remove a crucifix she has worn regularly for three years.
Sam Morris, 16, was told to go home Monday after a school official failed to convince her to remove the religious article; the same school allows Sikh children to wear a Kara, a bracelet worn by Sikh males.

Deputy head teacher Howard Jones of Sinfin Community School in Derby said, “There was a long period of persuasion with her and she was given time. It was only at the end of that that I reluctantly had to exclude her for a day,” according to the Drudge Report. “I met with her mother today and readmitted her daughter.” Jones said the strict jewellery prohibition was for student’s safety.

He argued that “As a Christian I don't have to wear a crucifix but Sikhs don’t have that option and we have to be understanding. We live in a multi-faith society.”

The girl’s mother, Debra Saunders, described her daughter’s treatment as “unfair.” “Sam has worn this necklace for more than three years and it is of great sentimental value to her. No-one has told her to take it off before and she doesn't want to. She thinks it is very unfair when other people are allowed to wear religious symbols and it just ends up creating a divide between the pupils when everyone is told they should be living in unity.”

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, the Glendale-River Hills School District has expressly prohibited any song close to the Christmas holiday from having any religious “motive or theme.” While banning Christian Christmas songs, the district permits secular holiday songs as well as songs celebrating Hanukkah.

Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, which is representing the mother of a child in the school district stated: “The intent of the school district’s policy is clear – “Frosty the Snowman” is in, “My Dreidel” is in, “Silent Night” is out. How much more ridiculous can it get when 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas, but the school district pretends like Christmas is merely a ghost of Christmas past.”

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Pray for Haleigh

Here we go again, only this time the killer of the female in a "persistent vegetative state" has actually been charged with a crime, unlike Michael Schiavo, who quite literally got away with murder. Seems that beating the tar out of someone can indeed leave the victim in a "persistent vegetative state," even though Michael Schiavo managed to conceal the ultimately fatal beatings he administered to his wife Terri Schindler. The idiot in the story below wasn't quite as lucky as our old pal Schiavo, though. Strickland, the man in question, beat his 11-year-old adopted daughter Haleigh into a coma, and is now trying to get the state of Massachusetts to keep her on life support in order to avoid being charged with her murder.

He should have taken Haleigh to Florida before he tried to kill her. He'd probably have gotten a parade, although Florida would yank the life support, which is, ironically, the very thing Strickland doesn't want to happen.

I am posting this nearly in its entirety, and the whole gruesome and heartbreaking story can be read at this CBS link.

(CBS/AP) Lawyers for the stepfather of an 11-year-old girl tried to convince Massachusetts' highest court on Tuesday that he should have a say on whether his stepdaughter is removed from life support. If the girl dies, he could face a murder charge for allegedly taking part in the beating that left her comatose.

Jason Strickland is asking the Supreme Judicial Court to overturn a juvenile court judge's decision allowing the state to remove Haleigh Poutre from her ventilator and feeding tube.

Haleigh Poutre was hospitalized in September after her stepfather and adoptive mother kicked her and beat her nearly to death with a baseball bat.

Within two weeks of being charged with assault and battery, the adoptive mother, who was also Haleigh's aunt, was found dead alongside her grandmother in a possible murder-suicide.

Strickland is free on bail while awaiting trial on assault charges.

CBS News correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports that the girl's biological mother, Allison Avrett, gave up her parental rights years ago and now she has no say in what happens to Halleigh – but she wants life support to be removed.

"I want her to rest," Avrett told Alfonsi. "Being kept alive like that, it's not a life."

The state Department of Social Services has custody of the girl and wants to remove her from life support, citing opinions from her doctors that the girl is in a permanent vegetative state. Strickland appealed, and could face a murder charge if she dies.

Strickland's lawyer argued that he should be designated as the girl's de facto parent because he lived with her for four years.

But that argument didn't fly with Chief Justice Margaret Marshall. "That's not going to cut it," she said.

Marshall said de facto parenthood is typically reserved for someone being prevented from having a relationship with a child by the child's biological parent.

ther justices expressed concern that Strickland is charged with abusing Haleigh. "Who would we put in here? Mr. Strickland, who is charged with injuring the child?" said Justice John Greaney.

Strickland's lawyers say that while the state has pushed for removal of Haleigh's life support, no one has argued that the girl should live.

CBS News Strange Twist In Right-To-Die Case December 6, 2005 21:30:07

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