Saturday, March 05, 2005



From Ward Churchill's essay dealing with the death of his wife Leah Kelly, comes this paragraph detailing their plans once they'd been married (she was 24 at the time, he was much, much older):

"I'd base myself in San Francisco for the fall, commuting to-and-from Denver to teach my three days per week's worth of classes at the University of Colorado. In December, Leah would move to Boulder and I'd arrange her admission at the University of Colorado. We'd live together in my house there and I'd support her living while she completed her undergraduate degree. After that, she'd take a job in some aspect of cinema and/or go to grad school. As she established her career, I'd begin phasing out of mine, turning an increasing share of our financial burden over to her. Perhaps I'd take early retirement and devote myself to writing, maybe even start painting again. Perhaps I'd secure an end-of-career position at a university in or near Winnipeg. In either event, we'd eventually move there. She'd be our primary breadwinner making movies or something similar, we'd buy a big house in an older neighborhood, possibly raise a kid or two. We were in for the long haul." ( Dark Night Press / Print: Residential Schools » Kizhiibaabinesik A bright star, burning briefly)

So we have a tenured professor at the University of Colorado planning to up stakes and move to Canada ("and take Canada with you when you go," as he said of his choice of future residence...) with his actual Native wife Leah Kelly, who would die in horrible circumstances in 2000. The planned move to Canada obviously never happened, but that isn't the interesting thing about this extremely interesting paragraph.

1. A man old enough to be the father of the woman he was seeing was planning to retire and live off her earnings, giving him enough leisure time to "start painting again."

2. Leah Kelly, conveniently an actual Native woman, came in to his life at a time when his identity as a Native American was first being called into active question by the leaders of the American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council. A man named Steve Jackson interviewed Churchill in 1994, and wrote that at the time Churchill "was still smarting from the loss of his role as an 'American Indian artist,' as well as allegations that his claims to an American Indian heritage were fraudulent. Churchill, a painter, had lost his right to sell his work as 'American Indian art' after a 1990 federal law required such artists to prove their ethnic authenticity. The law was created to protect Indian art and culture from being co-opted by non-Indians, and Churchill didn't qualify."

Jackson would also write, rather tellingly: "A few months after that interview was published, Churchill was out looking for credentials. In May 1994, Churchill approached the Keetoowah, a poor band of Cherokee, and asked to be an associate member....he got his card and hasn't been much of an associate ever since."

3. Tenure, so desperately vital to Ward Churchill's very survival now, if his supporters are to be believed, meant so little to him before Leah Kelly's death that he was planning to not only move out of the state, but out of the country, and retire.

4. Ward Churchill has written a book about the evils of the cinema in regards to Native peoples, and yet he was planning to make his living from that very cinema via his Native wife.

This is a paragraph, in his own words, that needs very much to be seen by the Regents and President of C.U., and by all who have an interest in this issue. His supporters are screaming themselves hoarse trying to drown the free speech of others in order to defend his right to a tenure he was once willing to jettison in favor of the easy life. An easy life purchased at the expense of a twenty-four-year-old Native woman.


The Weather Underground and Hamilton College

From I have edited this by removing paragraphs that would have made my own post way too long, so please visit the actual blog link above to read the entire article.

I guess we can now assume that Ward Churchill was not really lying when he claimed to have taught the Weather Underground how to build bombs. This connection is not only extremely interesting, but also extremely disturbing. It means that his ties to known terrorist organizations are quite, quite real--and yet Betsy Hoffman, whose salary comes partially out of my pocket, continues to rant that she will not fire this man based on speech. No one's asking you to, Betsy. We're asking that you fire him for cause, for being an admitted member of a terrorist organization (the Weather Underground), for resume fraud, for plagiarism, for grade intimidation, for copyright infringement, for teaching a man how to turn himself into a suicide bomber on Wall Street. Surely somewhere in that litany of things must be something that C.U. would consider to be conduct unbecoming a tenured member of the faculty.

By now, it is well known that New York state's Hamilton College invited, then uninvited, to its campus a radical professor who has repeatedly stated the victims of 9/11 deserved to die. What is less well known is that the professor who sponsored Ward Churchill's talk has a long history of radicalizing her college, shares ideological and family ties to domestic terrorists -- and is still being well-compensated for her efforts to spread anti-American hatred among that college's student body.

Nancy Rabinowitz, who started teaching at Hamilton in 1978, is Hamilton College's professor of Comparative Literature and director of the campus’ Kirkland Project for the Study of Gender, Society and Culture. In addition to the Ward Churchill invitation, Rabinowitz extended a job offer to domestic terrorist and last-minute Clinton pardon recipient Susan Rosenberg on behalf of the Kirkland Project.

How radical are her beliefs?

However, Rabinowitz's ties to violent anti-Americanism go beyond mere emotional support; she has family ties to those who seek to overthow our government. Her father-in-law was renowned Communist proponent and lawyer Victor Rabinowitz, whose law firm -- Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky and Lieberman -- has represented domestic terrorists, accused spies, and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Rabinowitz defended his partner Leonard Boudin’s daughter and Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin, who was personally involved with the murders of three policemen. Throughout the 1970’s, the Weather Underground was responsible for the bombings of the National Guard offices in Washington, D.C.; the U.S. Capitol Building; the New York City Police Headquarters; and the Pentagon. (Susan Rosenberg belonged to a group closesly associated with the Weathermen.)

Who did her father-in-law primarily represent?

Victor Rabinowitz’s law firm served as the primary counsel to the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC), an organization that filled its ranks with members of the Communist Party, and sought to represent radicals individuals and groups seeking to destroy the U.S. Constitution. In the early 1960’s, Rabinowitz was identified in Senate testimony as being a member of the Communist Party USA.

And look who she tried to slip into a teaching position at Hamilton:

. . . In 2004, Hamilton’s Kirkland Project director offered a teaching position to domestic terrorist Susan Rosenberg -- a member of “The Family,” a radical left-wing terrorist group that was affiliated with the Weather Underground.

If in doubt, here's her background:

In 1981, Rosenberg became a suspect in the robbery of an armored car, which resulted in the deaths of two police officers and an armed guard. She was indicted for both the plotting of the robbery and driving the getaway car; however, these charges were later dropped, when, in 1984, she was sentenced to 58 years in Federal prison for the illegal possession of dynamite and weapons.


On cowards (and I don't mean Noel)

Okay, this is a public reply to a person who is too cowardly to allow my e-mails in his/her Inbox any longer--after, naturally, s/he fired off a winning little paragraph ranting that my ignorance of the law is surpassed only by the libelous and slanderous statements made by me about Ward Churchill in my piece on And hey, out there, Mr/Ms PhD, I have returned tha favor of blocking e-mails from you. Below is the reply I tried to send to you, but I guess I'll just have to hope you wander by my neck of the blogosphere someday ;)

Yeah, 'cause I'm definitely the only one saying these things--not! And as for my ignorance of the law--when did I claim to be a lawyer? As for minor criminal stuff, from the Feb. 13, 2005 Denver Post, page 19A, the following:

"In 1977, Churchill and Dora-Lee Larson started living together in what divorce settlements describe as a common-law marriage. That ended in 1984 when Larson filed for divorce and asked to have her address kept secret because of 'past violence and threats' from Churchill."

"Since 1983 Churchill has had several minor run-ins with the law. He also has been stopped for speeding and driving without a valid license, according to court records. Officers and police records listed him as white. In 1996 Churchill clashed with a parking services employee and was cited for use of intimidation and violence on CU grounds. Those charges were dropped." (Yeah, I know, they were dropped, probably because of some sort of intimidation like the grade intimidation he has practiced against at least one student, or the CU member who was told over the phone to stop making waves about the renaming of a center there or she would come to regret it.)

"Additionally he has been sued more than a dozen times."

Now, as for my standing in a court--he'd have to prove that what I say is false. And he'd have to take a huge number of people to court along with me, including 2 high-powered Denver attorneys who have been unrelenting in digging up his sordid past. I ain't the only one saying these things, buddy ;)

Friday, March 04, 2005


Wisconsin Native American veterans gathering

Wisconsin Native American veterans activities. I wonder what they think of Ward Churchill? The Highground's background and meaning can be found at The Highground :: Veterans Memorial Park :: Home Page

For the first time in years, a September sun switched places
with the rain providing 3 days of delightful weather for
this celebration. On the first day, over 800 students from
schools throughout central Wisconsin participated in a
variety of activities that included an hour with a Native
American storyteller, taste tests of buffalo chili and fry
bread, tours of a council house, sweat lodge, long house,
and Great Plains teepee, presentations of Native American
artifacts, and demonstrations of Native American dance
highlighted by a young and talented Hoop dancer.
This was followed by a somber ritual of the reading of
the names of those Missing In Action from 6 states punctuated
by the songs of Native Americans and the voice of
their drum.
Two days of dance, feasts, and offerings of Native
American crafts, pottery, and jewelry followed. Winners of
the raffle items were Dorothy Chapek, Linda Zickert, Jay
Beisenstein, and Jo Ann Kessler. Winners of the baskets
were Al Thomas, Paul Corette, Dave King, Mick Boll,
Chalrene Lyons, and Katlin Raab.
Next year, changes are expected for the GOV. Committee
chairs, Al and Esther Sayas, felt they needed to cut back on
their involvement. Their resignation was accepted by the
Highground Board and provisions were made for the staff to
explore the possibility of new organizers.
A Gathering in 2005 remains unscheduled and will
depend on the willingness of others to accept leadership


Ward Churchill's Masterpiece

Ward Churchill's Masterpiece
Originally uploaded by DianaTrent.
This is a spoof from Denver's 630 KHOW radio station. Hysterical!

Thursday, March 03, 2005


One day, Churchill will cross a line

Churchill will, one of these days, cross a line and end up plucking, cooking, and eating those chickens that are coming home to roost on his head.

On this extremely important link is a page of Churchill's blog that posts two copies of photographs of Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman, the incredibly intrepid and brave attorneys-turned-talk-show-hosts here in Denver who have been unflinchingly and tirelessly pursuing the truth about this anarchist. It is they who have revealed, on a daily basis, new and fresh horrors about this man.

In the posting, Caplis and Silverman are also described in minute detail.

You have to wonder why...


Hey, maybe Churchill gets it after all!

From's Malia Zimmerman, this absolutely wonderful paragraph:

"Churchill...chose to attack 'white reporters' asking 'racist' questions. Reporters, he says, 'who are like flies circling a pile of manure.'"

Wow, Ward baby, got it in one! And give the man a cigar for guessing correctly that he is, in absolutely fact, "a pile of manure."


Capturer of Eichmann has died

The man who captured Adolf Eichmann in 1960 has died, according to an obit in today's NYT. The paragraph that really struck me as being relevant to those "little Eichmanns" of 9-11 is this:

"On May 11, Eichmann alighted from the bus and walked toward his house on Garibaldi Street. Mr. Malkin [Peter Zvi Malkin, the man who just passed away] approached him and uttered the only words of Spanish he knew, 'Un momentito, Senor.' He grabbed Eichmann's arm. As he told the New York Times in 2003, he wore gloves so he would not have to touch the man." Emphasis mine.

By Ward Churchill's reasoning, then, I would need to don a pair of gloves when touching one of the bond traders in the Towers or--since his original essay made absolutely no distinction whatsoever--one of the waiters at Windows on the World, in order to insulate myself from their insidious evil.

My Scream Therapy post has been published by HawaiiReporter! Yay! :) If you do click the link, that's my real name on the article, as well as an alternate e-mail address for me.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Ward Churchill praises Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols

A former student of Churchill's says she heard him justify the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing during a class lecture. From

Now that sentence is very, very interesting, isn't it? It continues in the next sentence:

Kimberley Hickel said the professor "actually stood in front of our class and said how the FBI got what they deserved. It was awful."

Let's just ponder all of that for a bit.

And by extension, since Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were aware that their own act would coincide closely with the anniversaries of Waco and Oklahoma City, and given that most of the victims were white kids who had fairly well-to-do parents who obviously participated in the whole "technocratic" portion of American society, I suppose that Ward Churchill would argue that the 13 innocent victims at Columbine High School (20 mins. from where I live) also deserved to die. But then again, maybe not, because he'd have to get around the fact that the 2 Columbine killers were viciously white supremacist, and deliberately tried to plan their actions to honor Hitler's birthday. He'd have a conundrum there, wouldn't he? Neo-Nazis shooting little Eichmanns...


Is he really that stupid?

The latest quote from Ward Churchill, from today's Rocky Mountain News about Churchill's speech yesterday in Wisconsin:

On the subject of racism, Churchill lashed out at those seeking to discredit him by challenging his own ethnicity. Critics have said his inability to name an American Indian ancestor make suspect his claims to being as much as three-sixteenths Cherokee.

"This crew can think of nothing worse to call me than a white man," said Churchill, who is an associate member of the Keetoowah Band of Cherokee. "And they're all white men. Figure that one out.

"My elders determine who I am. White journalists don't."

Okay, Mr. Dumbass, let's take this apart point by point, shall we? ;)

1. You got your job by claiming to be a Native American. Period. We have the documents to prove it. You filled out the forms, you checked the boxes, you signed the forms. Name me one person who is lashing out at your claims who got their job specifically by checking White on the application form. Oh, wait, you can't, because the Affirmative Action form you used isn't used for White folks, is it? So why the hell are you lambasting "this crew" for being "all white men?" Makes no sense, Mr. Intelligent. It's not their $90,000 a year jobs that are being called into question. It isn't they who lied to get their jobs. It isn't they who stole someone else's copyrighted artwork and sold it as their own. In other words, "this crew" aren't the ones in trouble ;)

2. You have no "elders." There is literally not one single Native American tribe that recognizes you in any way as being part of them. Ergo, Mr. Embattled Dips***, you have no "elders." Your "associate membership" isn't worth the paper it's printed on. If it is, then Bill Clinton can start claiming benefits as a genuine Native American, because he has the exact same amount of actual Native affiliation as you do.

3. You were in Wisconsin for something that college was doing on Native Americans. Since you are not a Native American, and since you are now a proven thief and liar, why shouldn't "this crew" comprised of "all white" people make you answer for what you've done? Bugs ya when people don't lick your feet clean, doesn't it? Bugs ya when people dare to ask questions of your high-and-mighty self, huh?

This no longer has anything to do with free speech, buddy, and you know that. You're a plagiarist and a liar--and Ward Churchill, go ahead and sue me for calling you those things. Because then, my friend, you'd have to show up in court and make your case, and I for one would dearly love to see that happen.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Copy of one of my Zero Room posts

This pissed me off so badly that I wanted to post it on both this blog and The Zero Room. I need a coffee...

On being in 530 different address books

Okay, I just signed on to one of my Yahoo accounts, and found there, waiting for me, more than a dozen e-mails from people I have never heard of, let alone given my e-mail address to. When I went to reply to one of these, to ask to be taken from their address book, I found hundreds of e-mail addresses this particular message had been sent to. So, I took a deep breath, and carefully copied and pasted, into 6 different e-mails, five hundred and thirty (530) e-mail addresses. It took 6 different e-mails because Yahoo isn't equipped to send one e-mail to, let me just say this again because it is such a jolly fun number, five hundred and thirty (530) addresses at once.

I am furious, and I know damn well how my name/e-mail addy got on this freaking list in the first place, but I will be the bigger person and once again refuse to name names publicly. If the person who crammed my Inbox chooses to name themselves on my blog, that's their own flippin' problem ;)

And then I printed out 24 pages of their e-mail addresses, so that I may know their faces should they arrive uninvited again...

It strikes me what an "instant" world we now live in. Someone can copy and paste my e-mail address to literally hundreds of other people, without my permission, without my awareness, and I have to deal with it as best I can. Needless to say, I will report each and every message I get from any of these--oooh here's that fun number again!-- five hundred and thirty (530) people as unsolicited spam. And this is different from my Blogger e-mail address by virtue of being a private e-mail address. Things like being added to address books because of being a public blogger--fine, that I can handle. These 530 people, however--well, that's a different matter entirely.


Hideous threats against Native girls

This is horrific. I can understand anger at the shooting that started all of this, but I cannot even remotely begin to comprehend the form the revenge is taking. And when I think of Ward Churchill, much on my mind of late, posing as a Native American while all the while being nothing more than a glorified white ex-hippie bully, it makes me even angrier. Real Native people are really facing real threats such as this one. The entire article can be found at ICT [2005/02/25] Hate crime shocks Paiute reservation....

Hate crime shocks Paiute reservation.
Posted: February 25, 2005 by: Valerie Taliman / Indian Country Today
Community unites against racism

BISHOP, Calif. - Shock, fear and anger rocked the Bishop Paiute reservation recently when letters left at the tribe's education complex threatened to ''kidnap, rape and dismember'' young Paiute girls, aged 5 to 9.

Three original letters, typed in red ink with a cover sheet signed ''KKK,'' were left at the tribe's gymnasium and on the baseball field adjacent to the tribe's Head Start program and daycare center. Other copies were tossed on nearby roadsides, according to the tribe's chief of law enforcement services, Cal Stafford.

The letters sparked a firestorm of outrage and anxiety on the reservation and in the surrounding city of Bishop, a small rustic town in the Sierra Nevadas.

Addressed to the Paiute tribe, the letters promised retaliation for ''your half-witted bucks taking another white life'' and alluded to crimes involving tribal members dating back a decade. The letters were turned over to the Inyo County Sheriff's office, which notified the FBI.

''This is a terrorist threat,'' said Bishop Paiute Vice Chairman Sandra Warlie, who spearheaded efforts to inform and protect tribal members. ''Whoever did this meant to put fear in our hearts by targeting our children. We are stepping up security measures and we will do everything we can to protect our people.''

The threats are believed to be retribution for the death of a white liquor store manager, Dave Pettet, 48, who was allegedly shot by tribal member Wayne Bengochia in an alcohol-related incident four days before the letters were found. Begochia, 48, was charged with homicide and is awaiting trial.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Scream therapy

Okay, I need some serious scream therapy. The latest in the Ward Churchill saga is a full-page ad taken out in the Boulder Daily Camera by 200 C.U. faculty members (note that they didn't take it out in a national paper--we wouldn't want any prospective parents of students that live in Iowa to see our true colors, now would we?) in full support of a man who should be behind bars for any number of reasons (let's start with assault on Carol Standing Elk, in whose face he spit and whose wrist was broken by his then-wife, then we can move on to copyright infringment, resume fraud, plagiarism, take your pick...). They're trying to turn this back into a "free speech" issue, when those of us with half a brain fully realize that it's gone way beyond any First Amendment rights.

No, Ward Churchill should not be fired for what he said, but he should be fired, tried and jailed for everything else he's done. Period.

Let's take a small example, since his supporters are now saying that nobody would have looked into him at all if he hadn't written that essay. Let's say a man kills his wife in Chicago in 1989. He then lives his life rather peacefully in San Diego. One night in 2005, he's pulled over for a broken tail-light in San Diego. The police officer runs the man's record, and finds he's wanted for the murder of his wife in Chicago (things like this have actually happened). Now, if you follow the reasoning of Ward Churchill's supporters, the police officer should quietly write the killer a ticket for a broken tail-light and send him on his way. After all, the man's record was only being looked at for a traffic violation, wasn't it?

The University of Colorado at Boulder is in serious, serious trouble. Betsy Hoffman, the president, is now under investigation, going back 5 years. There was a sex-for-recruitment football scandal, there were at least 2 alcohol-related deaths of undergraduates, and now this. The University's regents will eventually be up for re-election, and I personally plan to check the "No" box on each and every one of them when asked to decide whether they should be returned to office. I will do this whether or not they buy out Ward Churchill (estimates are as high as $10,000,000 as of this morning on a possible buy-out offer), whether or not they fire his sorry butt. There needs to be a major change in the school itself. I have no idea how to accomplish this, but I do know, standing here with 2 daughters who could possibly attend this particular school, that something must be done, reforms must be implemented. The entire tenure system must be looked at very, very carefully (Ward Churchill gained tenure in one year, without a doctorate, when it normally takes six to seven years and a doctorate to achieve tenure).

If a student submitted a plagiarized thesis, that student would be thrown out of whichever institution he or she was attending. If a man passed himself off as a legitimate medical doctor, and it was later found that he had never, in fact, received a Ph.D. of any kind whatsoever, that man would be jailed and compensation would be ordered for his victims. If a man or woman claimed African American blood on their job application and were then hired based on Affirmative Action and were later found to be not only white but a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, what do you think would happen to that person? Ward Churchill is a self-proclaimed former member of the Weather Underground, and is on tape teaching a man how to bomb Seattle or Wall Street, and yet he walks free.

If the buy-out happens, I guess we've all learned a very valuable lesson, haven't we? We've learned that crime pays...

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