Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Churchill's threats to third wife's family

Today's Rocky Mountain News is carrying a piece on threats Ward Churchill made to the family of his late wife Leah Kelly as well as to a woman in Germany. Rhonda Kelly e-mailed me to tell me the Rocky would be carrying this today--thank you Rhonda!

From the article, edited for brevity:

University of Colorado investigators are looking into a letter sent last summer by professor Ward Churchill to his late wife's mother.

Rhonda Kelly, 41, the sister of Leah Kelly, Churchill's late wife, said she turned over the letter to CU lawyer Louise Romero, who is working on a university investigation being led by interim Chancellor Phil DiStefano.

In the letter to Barbara Kelly, a copy of which was supplied to the News by Rhonda Kelly, Churchill explains why he has decided not to accept an invitation to visit the Kellys in Canada later that month, around the anniversary of Leah Kelly's death.

Churchill wrote that a German woman named Marta Kline had been harassing his family, placing calls to his mother, sister and brother. The woman also had been asking questions about the circumstances of Leah Kelly's death, he said.

"It gets uglier," he wrote. "She's been saying that she's been 'hired by Leah's family' to prove that I'm responsible for Leah's death."

He wrote that he believed Rhonda Kelly, now a second-year law student, was supplying his personal information - including family phone numbers and official reports on the crash - to the German woman. He had the only report, but had given a copy to the Kelly family, he said.

"So, here's what I'm going to do," he wrote. "I'm going to have a couple of my German connections pay a visit to this Marta Kline and get things straightened out (let's just say that her little telephone campaign is coming to an abrupt halt, and that I should have done this long ago).

"If there's any evidence at all that Kline is in possession of anything resembling an official document from Boulder County, then I'm holding Rhonda Kelly equally responsible for what's been happening to my family.

"Especially my mother.

"Where that leads, I'll decide later. But it won't be pretty."

"German connections?" "Won't be pretty?" This man, this thug who threatened to send a few of his German pals (for "pals" read "henchmen") to a woman's house to "get things straightened out," still, presumably, has defenders. Other than his toadying lawyer David Lane, of course. But I honestly cannot see how those supporters can, after this appears in today's paper, hold their heads up in public and actually admit to that support.

Here we have the glorious tenured professor cold-bloodedly braying to his deceased wife's famliy that what will happen next to Rhonda Kelly...won't be pretty.

If this doesn't send chills down your spine, if this doesn't make you click the Regents' e-mail addresses I posted and tell them in no uncertain terms how you feel about this man, then you're made of far sterner stuff than I am. He actually says that he "should have done this long ago." How can anyone think that he means, perhaps, that he should have thought angry thoughts toward Germany or toward the Kellys? He doesn't mean "consciousness" here, folks, like he would have us all believe he meant when teaching anarchists in Seattle how to become a weapon. He has said that if you have a trigger finger "that's a good place to start." He has said that "more 9-11s need to happen." And he has gotten away with it all, every vile noisome word of it. He has raped our minds with his hate-filled words, and he has gotten away with it.

Until now. Until other people become involved and make a stand, send e-mails, call talk shows, get angry enough to try to make at least one nasty, crazy person pay for the hate speech, for the theft of Indian identity, for the threats against women. (He does seem to focus on women, have you noticed? Makes me wonder why he feels so inadequate that he needs to attack women. Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't threatened me--after all, my blog does get read as far away as Romania.)

And for the record--it doesn't exactly come as a shock to me to learn that C.U. is "looking for" this letter. Complaints against Churchill have a funny way of disappearing at C.U. Dealing with my daughter's testostorone-soaked principal this past week at a middle school here in Colorado, I have to wonder if it might just be something in the water upper-level idiots in Colorado school systems drink.

Ward Churchill is a threat. He is a threat worldwide, not merely in the cloistered halls of C.U., because he threatens a way of life that many, many professors have become accustomed to. He's made ordinary people take notice of the fact that these tenured teachers have an awfully soft life at our expense. He's wormed his grifterly little behind into our heads, our childrens' heads. He's brayed his hate speech to anyone idiotic enough to listen.

And if you think people like Al Qaeda and the Iraqi insurgents aren't fully aware of his sterling, glittering, pandering endorsements of them--think again. And then think about that for a third time, and wonder about the possible implications...


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