Thursday, September 08, 2005


Some people give liberals a bad name

I run a few groups at Yahoo, and last night I ran into a situation that was just...well, bizarre. One of the members of a group I own went pretty much postal on another member, and I ended up having to ban the member who went on the tirade.

Said raging member is a liberal. A hard-core liberal. What they were spewing was vile to the highest degree. Words came from their fingertips at the speed of lightning, every single syllable carefully designed to wound the poor Republican on the receiving end of their poison.

Some choice morsels from this liberal's postings (and this liberal will, of course, forever remain absolutely anonymous. If they find this blog and choose to expose who they are, that's their problem, not mine) :

George Bush did not care about those dying old people or babies.

Bush is a genocidal murderer. He is also the shame of our nation.

This country has lost perhaps 10 thousand of its citizens and you can just bitch about your teeth?....I can pretty much tell from that post that you are indeed a Republican. Probably a good "pro-life" Christian too!

You have every right to be a Republican. And to say that you are. But if you are going to announce it, then I have every right to post that I think they are a party of immoral, hypocritcal idiots who have killed their own people and made us the laughingstock of terrorists and the world at large.

I'm not sure why I understand why you say people are always calling you racist. When I hear people have voted for Bush that's not the first thing I thought of. Before Katrina anyway.

I think that racism can exist both ways. I also tend to think the mayor has an element of racist in him. He's awfully light. [I have no idea in the world what this is supposed to mean, actually, I only posted it here as an example of this person's way of thinking. If you have light skin, you're a racist, apparently, even if you're an African-American man like Mayor Nagin...]

What did the Republican do to deserve this, you might ask? They admitted they were Republican. They stood up for the President, and they dared to criticize Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco. Oh, and they had the temerity to mention some health issues they're having. That's it.

And the liberal's response? They called Bush a "genocidal murderer" (with, of course, not a shred of evidence for the supposed attrocities committed by this man), they made fun of Christians who are pro-life, they ranted that one shouldn't give a darn about one's own health issues when people are dying in Louisiana (and then, of course, mentioned how they themselves hadn't brought up their own courageous health battles).

I sent this enraged member an instant message (which, of course, I copied, pasted, and e-mailed to myself--I like to have back-up evidence) asking them to please calm down, to not ruin a friendship of some two years' standing. They told me to remove them immediately from the group. Fine. No problem there.

Upon their removal, I received another e-mail (calling me by the wrong name) screaming that I was "the member with POWER [their capitalization]" who had just wanted to remove them from the group. First of all, it's my group, I started it, I own it. Yes, I am the member with the power. If this member has such a problem with Republicans using any power they may have, then perhaps they should start their own group. Then they can have the "POWER" that so upsets them in others.

The e-mail went on to say some other nasty things about me:

The more I process this today I can't help but think that this may be something to do with my defense of the Blacks. I'm trying really hard not to think this. But when you go to bat so hard for a kid who says people are "always" calling her racist, something is very wrong. [And therefore I must be a racist? What's the point here? Can any other liberals enlighten me on this one?]

Another e-mail earlier last evening stated that (all spelling errors, and they were legion, have been corrected here, as well as in all of the other posts copied above; I've left the odd grammar as is) : If [name removed to protect the innocent] does not want to have harsh words directed at her, perhaps she should not start stuff.

Here is the entire post that apparently was the equivalent of starting stuff: I SO feel like the only Republican in the entire universe over here.

Not once did anyone--especially me--say or even think anything even remotely racist, nor did anyone else in the group attack this person for their views on how Katrina was handled (this was their "defense of blacks," you see, that Bush didn't do enough quickly enough and was therefore racist in the extreme). The entire post that set this person off on a rant of biblical proportions is posted above. That's it. The whole thing. Oh, of course there was also the Republican's post about the state of her health.

Some people give liberals a bad name...


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