Friday, March 25, 2005


A life unled, a song unsung

This is a heartwrenching article written by The Washington Post's Jennifer Frey. It begins with the following paragraph...

WASHINGTON - She was a girl who laughed easily at her uncle's lame jokes. A girl so naive that she wrote to John Denver, asking him to come sing at her wedding, who went to Disney World for her honeymoon and believed that a good life meant that one day she'd be able to vacation there every year with her kids.

and becomes even harder to read after that...

As we enter Terri's last Good Friday on earth, as the sweeping pain that I am feeling grips me and overwhelms me, I am struck yet again that a completely innocent woman is being murdered. The irony here is that she is being murdered by her so-called husband specifically so that her so-called husband will not be brought up on charges of murder. He beat her--the affidavits that Judge Greer blithely ignored prove that. Michael Schiavo is killing his wife to hide the fact that he tried to kill his wife.

And like I did with Ward Churchill, I will issue this statement: Michael Schiavo, if I am lying, if I am accusing you of a hideous crime you did not commit, sue me. Take me to court. I could probably line up witnesses to support my accusations from here to China if I had to. Of course, you'd have to figure out where to get more money, because I don't think the book you're already writing--or is it already at the publisher?--is going to be the huge moneymaker you and Felos and Greer are hoping it will be. Then again, if I'm right, and there's a huge insurance policy out there with your name on it, or your common-law wife's name on it, that will only pay in an instance of "natural" death, you may just be able to come up with some spending cash after all. I mean, you've convinced the liberals that this is a "natural" death, haven't you?

By those lights, Auschwitz was a health camp. Hey, starvation of your fellow human beings is natural, according to Michael Schiavo...Be warned, Jodi Centonze, be warned. You could be next. The minute you become, legally and not just by common law, Mrs. Jodi Schiavo, your life is in his hands. Do you love him enough for that, Jodi? Do you love him enough to place the lives of your children in his hands? Then again, you're a mother, supposedly, a mother who cares for her children. Can you imagine something like this happening to your children, Jodi? Something that your common-law husband is doing to someone else's daughter?

I'm beyond exhaustion. It's Good Friday, the day Our Lord died in order that people like Michael Schiavo might have a shot at redemption. I have been utterly focused on two really bad men for weeks now. The irony is that I had written an e-mail to Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman asking what we could focus on next, once the Churchill thing was over. I never imagined it would be something this dark, this horrible, this evil...I never imagined that I would be travelling to Golgotha with a fellow Catholic who is slowly dying.

For all those pollsters out there who think Congress should not have gotten involved--I guess I can only say to you, again, don't get sick in Florida. If the government of this country--of any country--cannot step to the plate for its individual citizens, then what good is any government at all? In that light, I would point out that not one word has been heard against Italy stepping to the plate for one woman who is not in any danger of dying. One woman who is a Communist radical. Italy is going to bat for Whatshername Sgrena--why isn't that an example of a government overstepping its bounds? Oh, wait, I already know the answer--it's because Sgrena is seen as a heroine by the left, another victim of Bush's policies. If only Terri Schindler had been a Communist!

Golgotha...It's there, in front of me, and I can hear Terri's labored breathing by my side. She clings to my arm as we walk, bending beneath the weight of her cross. I help her as much as I can, I would pick her up and carry her if I could, anything to ease her final pain. Golgotha. The place of the skull. It's just ahead, Terri, there in the light from a bleeding sun. It will soon be over...


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