Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Troops/aid to Haiti

Here are some examples of other nations that are doing whatever they can to help in Haiti. I find the names of these countries to be extremely interesting, because when you think of wealthy nations, the names of Nicaragua and Morocco do not normally come at the top of your list, I wouldn't think...

Nicaragua considers sending troops to Haiti

MANAGUA,10/23 - Nicaragua is considering sending a military contingent to Haiti for humanitarian mission, but a final decision will depend on the funds collected, Defense Minister Jose Guerra said Friday.

"We're considering the possibility of sending a contingent of the Nicaraguan army to contribute to keeping peace and stability in that region of the Caribbean, but we have to make it clear that we'll only be able to decide about our participation in the mission if we get external funding to finance the operation," Guerra said.

If sufficient funds were collected from international cooperation, Guerra said, Nicaragua will join other Central American countries in sending troops for the peace-keeping efforts carried out by the United Nations in Haiti.

Several Latin American countries have sent troops to Haiti, where they are collaborating in providing health care for civilians and guaranteeing the delivery of food aid in a country affected by both political crisis and natural disaster.

Nicaragua contributed troops to Iraq, sending sappers, doctors and nurses, who remained in the Arab country for a relatively long period.



Morocco sends military contingent to Haiti

Rabat, Morocco, 10/23 - A contingent of troops from the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) of Morocco Friday departed Agadir, 600 km south of here, for Haiti to join the UN stabilisation mission in that country.

The mission is helping the country's transitional government hold elections and establish democratic institutions.

Prince Moulay Rachid, younger brother of King Mohammed VI, read the King`s message indicating that the decision to send Moroccan troops to Haiti under the aegis of the UN was "an act of international solidarity".

He said the Moroccan presence in Haiti was a commitment to "the defence of human ideals and values, which is also part of the ancient traditions of our civilisation".

"We see the dispatching of your contingent as a new golden page adding to those previously written by FAR in Congo, Somalia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Côte d'Ivoire.

"On each of those fronts, the Moroccan soldier confirmed his courage and dignity, and proved his capacity to harmoniously adjust to the external environment. He was also able to fit into different forms of organisation while fully complying with legality and security norms," the monarch said.

The military attaché and general consul of Spain in Morocco attended the FAR departure ceremony.

Last July, Morocco and Spain agreed to deploy joint troops as part of the UN stabilisation mission in Haiti.

The Moroccan contingent is also carrying humanitarian aid for the Haitian people, according to the Moroccan News Agency.

Mandated by the UN Security Council resolution 1542, the Haitian mission will comprise 6,700 blue helmets and 1,600 policemen under the command of a Brazilian General.



Mexico and France to aid Haiti

Mexico City, Mexico, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- Mexico and France will implement a humanitarian agreement to provide Haiti with sanitary and policy resources, the Mexican foreign minister said Friday.

Luis Ernesto Derbez, during a visit to France for the third binational meeting between France and Mexico in Paris, said that both countries have decided "to work jointly with Colombia and Venezuela" on a project slated to improve the health sector and the formation of health policies in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

The program is planned to last four or five years and will focus on rebuilding hospitals training doctors and nurses, Derbez said.

According to the Mexican constitution, the country cannot participate in international peace missions or the dispatch of troops to countries in conflict or post-conflict, though the Haiti aid does not count as any of these. This law is considered a disadvantage for Mexico when the United Nations is considering an eventual widening of the Security Council to include new countries.



Canadian business mission in Haiti

Fri Oct 22,12:54 PM ET

PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP) - Businessmen representing a dozen Canadian companies are in Haiti, battered by floods, riots and a change in government, to rebuild the Caribbean nation's infrastructure, a trade group said.

"Several letters of understanding and agreements will be signed with private and public Haitian entities," said Marie-France Lebreton of the Francophone Business Forum, an network of 55 member countries to exchange information on business opportunities.

The trade mission of businessmen from Quebec and New Brunswick began Tuesday and ends Saturday.

"These companies are specialized in road infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, urban planning, waste disposal, sustainable development, agroindustry, manufacturing, fishing, fish farming, the environment, renewable energy, water treatment, education and training," Lebreton said.

The mission is the first since former president Jean Bertrand Aristide was driven from office on February 29. However, the forum has held meetings and work sessions with government officials, notably with Prime Minister Gerard Latortue and trade minister Danielle Saint Lot.

Canada's ambassador to Haiti, Claude Boucher, and Latortue presided over the founding of a Haitian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, headed by Haitian Robert Tippenhauer.
Haiti's prime minister gave the trade mission a warm welcome, saying "It is trying times that one finds out who one's true friends are."


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